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Selling your property?

If you want to sell your property then you have several options:-


CHG the original constructors now at last do resales & they have a local agency shop at the commercial center.

They also offer a deal for original purchasers where they can part exchange their current property for a new CHG property. The price CHG will give you is normnally the same price that you originally paid and is reliant upon you purchasing a higher value CHG property. This deal may vary and is not guaranteed.


Can very very expensive and they appear to be unregulated. Fees betweren 5 and 10% are not unncommon. Some have a system where they extract the price that you want from the property and then load their fees on top of the asking price. When this fails to achieve prospective buyers and you want to lower the asking price they often want you to lower your price but retain their loading on top at the same value.

Current market conditions means that a 2 year time period before finding a purchaser is not uncommon and selling your property often means being very competative on price and well below the local new builds if you are to attract buyers.


These tend to be less efficient than a local estate agent although their fees may be less. The days are gone when hoards of UK prospective purchasers where shipped over on subsidised or free flights to look at Spanish property most of which was new build in any case. Some UK Esate Agents have ties or links with Spanish Estate Agents and visa versa that can seem attractive but how effective they are has yet to be proven.


These are web sites where the owners upload their property details direct to be placed on a web site or directory for a time period. These can be very hit and miss and some are simply scams with lots of empty promises for an up front fee.

A new Oliva Nova resale web site has been set up by the owner of this web site that is free to use for the owners themselves to present their own property for sale details. Try it at

Malibu Beach ServicesMalibu Beach community web site.

Services and Miscellaneous items:-


Local Builders that can complete work on your home:-

Dave Goss Landscapes - Garden Design & Construction.
Tel. (0034) 965 787 188 - home/office
Mobile (0034) 66996 394

Ian Brackett - Carpentry and general property maintenance.
Tel. (0034) 965 572 819
Mobile (0034) 653 382 237

Multi services who can complete work on your home:-

Tossal - Multiservicio - Reforms, Gardening, Cleaning, Pool service.
Centro Comercial, Oliva Nova.
Tel. (0034) 620 248 525 or 620 248 526 office

Carpenter & general villa maintenance:-

Ian Brackett - Carpentry and general property maintenance.
Tel. (0034) 965 572 819
Mobile (0034) 653 382 237

Should you have any queries or problems, please do not hesitate to contact the administrator (click here). Constructive comments or suggestions are always welcomed.


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