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On holiday we often let our defences down due to the relaxed nature of our well earned break. We list below some of the known scams for you to be aware of. The scam list below is as old as the hills & applicable to anyone at any location:-

This may seem an obvious one but please can everyone lock their doors while away from the home - even visiting the pool for a few minutes. Even if you are having a siesta - lock the external doors or grilles. These opportunist thieves will enter any unsecured premises whether you are in them or not.

This thinking also applies to the external gates - can everyone ensure these site access gates are also locked - you will have to use your key to get out of the residence so lock it again after opening.

Look out for suspicious people that are not known to you (climbing over gates, walking around the site etc.) & monitor what they do. Do not be afraid to alert others to your suspicions - make a note of there car registration. If they are not home owners or guests with keys & provide any lame excuse why they are on our property then report it.

Should anyone you don't know ask you for help (directions for example) make sure you have all your immediate possessions well secured & in sight (handbags, car keys & the like) do not be suckered into helping them while their mate is helping themselves to your belongings while your attention is focussed elsewhere.

Unless you have specifically pre-arranged to meet someone who is known to you when arriving at your home, do not let anyone touch your belongings who states that they are from ??? Estates. Again while they are taking your heavy bag to your front door another low life scum is helping themselves to your travel bag containing your money & passports.

Be vigilant, take a photograph of your suspicions, record details & play it cool. Do not engage with such people, drive away, monitor events from a distance, make notes, report it & check it out. The Spanish police are just as keen to remove these parasites from their lovely country & the quicker & more often they see the inside of a Spanish jail or get deported THE BETTER FOR US ALL.

Some owners have installed CCTV with video recording which is great.

Some of the obvious & well known tactics are obvious such as don't leave valuables on display inside the car, park it in well lit areas, keep it locked while you area away from the car etc. However, car thieves these days are unable to take most modern cars away due to good security by the manufacturers BUT they will break the glass to gain entry just to see what you have left in the glove box & boot for example. This type of 'break, look & see' car crime is a growth area & there are a couple of simple steps you can do to avoid this type of opportunist scum. Firstly when leaving & locking the car, open all glove compartments & central consuls. Also fold down a back seat for exposing the empty boot. If the thieves physically see that all compartments within the car that could hide something is in fact empty they have a lesser temptation to expend their energy & risk capture for the sake of an obviously empty car - It's a sad world when we have to do this but I am reliably informed by the car hire companies that this does reduce car crime.

Sometimes we have no option but to carry mobile telephones, computers & other valuables with us in places like Benidorm for example. Regretfully thieves do not carry a flashing warning light or a tattoo on their face for the benefit of other law abiding people so they blend in to large groups very easily. They will sit in cafes, amble down the street, gather in large populated areas etc. just looking for the opportunity to steal an unattended item or more sinister, act in a pack of two or three & target one person with diversionary tactics. One person sat at one table may ask you a very plausible question while the other thief is taking your shopping or handbag.

This can be prevented by taking a few simple measures:-

1. Always hold onto your bags & keep them zipped shut at all times. If you must place bags on the floor ensure that you place the bag strap around your chair or table leg or even your own leg.

2. As soon as ANYONE YOU DON'T ALREADY KNOW asks you a question or tries to start a conversation or tries to assist you with your immediate problem - think immediately about the locations of your possessions around you, pick them up & be aware of other things going on around you while talking to that person. No matter how simple the question or plausible the person may seem, it is better to say 'I don't know' & kill the conversation there & then than it is to be suckered into a potential 'thieves web' of lies & deceit. You can always monitor the person for a while at your leisure to assess the genuine nature of their question.

It is a fact that anything on your person is a target for pick pockets. Having travelled quite a bit in most European Cities I personally have only ever been targeted once - Many are very very professional. Anyone who says they can feel stuff in their tight trouser pockets is kidding themselves that they can outwit a professional toe rag called a pick pocket. A few simple steps could limit your exposure to becoming one of their victims:-

1. Place possessions (wallets, phones etc.) in a small bag that you can place around your waste fronting forward & then cover it with a loose fitting shirt. Hiding it is half the battle. The second step is ensuring that the contents or the bag itself cannot be lifted without some degree of physical effort that you would feel or notice.

2. We all shop with shopping bags - why not purchase a cheap holdall that is unique in some way that you can then place your shopping into. remember, thieves & stolen goods like to blend in so the more garish or customised your holdall is, the less desirable it will be for the thieves. It is also a lot more secure than a designer label carrier bag advertising your new purchase.

Please do take the time to report it to the local police station. Yes it will take up half a day of report writing & form filling but it is vital that all theft crimes are reported. It is only from the pressure of statistics & embarrassing theft figures will a nations governments do something about it in the long run. Although initial responsibility lies with yourself to protect yourself against such crime, it does not look good for any country to admit that these crimes are a growing problem on the one hand yet they entice us over to their dream holiday , country or lifestyle on the other.

Should you have any queries or problems, please do not hesitate to contact the administrator (click here). Constructive comments or suggestions are always welcomed.

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