Community Owners and Residents

 Malibu Beach, Oliva Nova, Spain.

The community have to abide by a set of community rules which all guests must also comply with:-

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR GUESTS (For home owners renting - click here)

All guests or people renting from the house owner of Malibu Beach (or their Agents) should remember that they too have to abide by the community rules which ensures that a level of privacy, respect for others & degree of control is maintained on our residence. These rules have been recommended to us by CHG (the builders) who have a great deal of experience in this area.

Regretfully, many 'renters' or guests forget this fact & think they can have a great time at every one else's expense. Such selfish attitudes & disrespect for the other owners living on the site will not be tolerated. This type of selfish thinking often leads to damage of the properties & the community areas which will not be tolerated. If you are a guest or rent one of the properties at Malibu Beach you are expected to abide by the community rules which are as follows (I have also given reasons why these rules are in place):-

1. Respect the common facilities (swimming pool, paths, plants, grass, gates etc.). The swimming pool & its relaxing gardens are entirely that - a place for taking a cooling dip, sunbathing & relaxing in. It is not a 'civic centre' type 'fun park' or 'play area' bathing pool to be abused - most people want it for relaxing in, swimming & cooling off - nothing else.

2. There will be no swimming in the swimming pool after 12pm midnight to avoid noise & disruption to other community owner facing the pool trying to sleep.

3. Please enjoy the community swimming pool & its surrounding community gardens but refrain from these activities....No inflatables, no pets, no bat or ball games, no food or drink, no glass, no smoking, no loud, foul or abusive language - there is a sign on the pool plant room wall to other criteria as well - do observe. The reasons for these requirements are stated in item 1 above.

4. Do not touch the plastic child protection grilles between the big pool & the shallow pool as they are not very robust. If you break them the pool will be drained & shut down for several days while they are repaired. You may be charged for the cost of repair & the new water required when refilling. It has happened once already - you have been warned.

5. Always shower yourself down using the showers provided BEFORE entering the swimming pool. This will help keep the scum down, allow for clearer water & it is more hygienic for EVERYONE. It is a Spanish custom as well to do observe.

6. All parents are required to supervise & control ALL their children in & around the swimming pool under the age of 11 or any child that cannot swim. Your children are your own responsibility at all times. Unruly & loud behaviour from children will not be tolerated. Do not allow your children simply to 'roam' around the pool area unsupervised while you conveniently watch television for example.

7. Those villas with air conditioning are requested NOT to use them between the hours of 12 midnight & 10am in the morning. This is because many units make a noise that is intrusive during the nights sleep when everything else is quiet. Guests found abusing this privilege may have the entire air conditioning turned off at all times by the owner. If you use air conditioning please shut your doors & windows - that is how it works!

8. Respect the quiet of the night time sleeping periods for ordinary families & the traditional Spanish siesta during the afternoon. Any unruly or loutish behaviour will be reported back to the villa owner or their Agents. Fines may be imposed or requests to leave the premises.

9. Security of the residence is important to us all. Please lock all external gates when you enter or leave the residence.

10. Please remember that the villas are physically close to each other so noise will travel especially if your are enjoying the external terraces at night. Therefore, please be aware of this & if you are enjoying the night air over dinner or entertaining with friends or family please keep your voices to a whisper otherwise you will be heard & deemed to be causing a nuisance to others trying to sleep.

11. If you must smoke around the pool then please take your cigarette ends & ash back home with you - do not throw them into the bushes as this is a fire risk & creates an unpleasant smell for others when choosing to lay in the shade by the bushes & palm trees. It also looks unsightly & un-carring.

NOTE - these rules are not conclusive but they are considered to be to most revalent ones relating to guests or people renting. If you are unable to abide by these 'respectful' rules then you may find a more suitable holiday location that suites your needs at Torrevieja.

Any damage or disruption reported will result in a loss of your deposit (if paid) or fines sent to the renting home owner which will be recoverable from yourselves.


All renting home owners or home owners lending their villas to friends & family must remember that their guests (paying or otherwise) MUST abide by the community rules. It is your responsibility to ensure that your guests know & understand these community rules.

Any reported damage or abuse to the other home owners or their property (private or communal) by your renters or guests will be at your own liability & expense which you can then recover from your guests.


It is a sad fact that non-owners often have a lower threshold of personal respect for others & property than your own. That is why you need to make them aware of their responsibility BEFORE they arrive.

Should you have any queries or problems, please do not hesitate to contact the administrator (click here). Constructive comments or suggestions are always welcomed.


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